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Reinventing the ‘Dirty Weekend’ – In partnership with Koibito Love

Ssshhhh….    we’re going to tell you a secret….

‘Dirty Weekend Breaks’ is one of the most searched phrases couples use when they WANT TO BOOK A SAUCY WEEKEND AWAY, or a hotel with a private hot tub or bath for two.

And that’s probably because it’s tricky to know what else to call it.

How do couples book a 'Dirty Weekend' in 2020?

The phrase ‘Dirty Weekend’ has been bandied around for a few decades now. Initially, coming about to describe going away with someone you weren’t in a relationship with…usually to a mysterious location where you could hide away from the world... to avoid being caught.

And as a result, it bears the essence of cheap hotels, warm champagne and flimsy fluffy handcuffs; a weekend tinged with disappointing drunken roleplay against dimly depressing décor, returning home on Sunday, hungover and leather-chafed.

But unappealing as this is - ‘Dirty Weekend’ - is clearly still the closest description that comes to mind when couples go online and want to BOOK A NAUGHTY WEEKEND BREAK and have passion on their minds.

So, it’s time to reinvent what’s known as ‘The Dirty Weekend’…

‘Dirty Weekends’ are no longer the reserve of illicit affairs.

Because today, times have changed, and we’ve evolved, and a weekend devoted to pleasure is now the proud pursuit of all passionate couples: whether you’ve just recently met, or you’ve been together for 25 years; whether you’re bouncing, gym bunnies in your twenties, or sassy seventy-year olds who know more about life than you should…

That’s right – 1000’s of couples just like you are all searching for a ‘Dirty Weekend.’

So, the ‘Dirty Weekend’ really no longer deserves the connotations of sordid salaciousness, and there needn’t be anything cheap or dirty about it - unless you choose to stay somewhere cheap and dirty, that is.

Today, there is no rivalry between romance and passion - it’s not a case of rose petals scattered delicately on the bed versus cocktails and sex on the balcony.

The ‘New Dirty Weekend’ is for couples in love – and who love making love.

And it is certainly not about seedy hotels that serve as evidence of spontaneity or adventurousness or the fact you can’t keep your hands of each other until you reach your destination.

Seedy motel sex in a movie? Hot couple in hot country, tanned and toned, drinking whisky from a flask for liquor-fuelled sex followed by burgers from the roadside diner before they recommence their whimsical on-the-run journey.

Seedy hotel sex in real life? Fluorescent lights against a dark and drizzly night, starchy sheets on a rock-hard mattress, the sound of drunken louts, a shower over the toilet, and a post-coital snack from the hallway vending machine. No thanks.

The ‘New Dirty Weekend’ is all about sophistication and luxury.

It will drench you in lavish loving details and swathe you in sensuality, so that every inch of you is left utterly indulged and completely satisfied.

It’s about extravagance and decadence and creating the perfect environment for succumbing to seduction, and booking with OUR PASSION THRILLER PARTNERS who understand that pleasure is personal.

Perhaps you simply want sultry surroundings; a sheepskin rug in front of a log fire or sensual couples’ massages…Maybe you desire a balcony with a Jacuzzi for al fresco adventures…Or even a feature bed to act as your stage as you play your parts perfectly into the mirrored wall that allows you to be each other’s audience.

Booking a 'Dirty Weekend' in 2020 is all about finding the right host to create the experience you're looking for.

And discrete services are also on offer for intimate additions. OUR PASSION THRILLER HOTEL PACKAGES can include erotic toys and naughty accessories, as you desire, that will leave the Do Not Disturb sign permanently nailed to your door.

And no-one knows more about creating the perfect ambience for romance than Thea Wright - Founder of Koibito Love...

Introducing Koibito Love - Intimacy Kits for Lovers...

The first stirrings of the Koibito Love story began in Japan, where London girl, Thea Wright, was living and modelling. She became entranced by the tea house tradition of geisha and kitsch love hotels. Her adventurous spirit led her to the romantic isle of Ibiza, where she established its original luxury sex shop, The Bedroom. On returning to the UK, Thea wanted to capture and translate the charm of Japanese love philosophy for the European market, and in 2009, Koibito Love was born.

The word ‘Koibito’ means lover in Japanese – the art of making a special time and place for another.

And Koibito's exquisite range of intimacy kits is designed to help both couples and hotel clients do just that. The Enchanter kit, for example, contains 100% natural rose & geranium massage candle with essential oils, Koibito Love Drops, teasing feather and origami love game. Beautiful aesthetics set the tone to chic and the products encourage play and exploration.

All budgets and persuasions are accommodated. The Spank kit is a discreet gift box containing handmade leather paddle, eye mask and hand tie in Koibito printed silk, organic Yes lubricant and massage oil, Rocks-Off Gold Bullet vibrator, fair-trade French Letter condoms, ostrich feather and origami game. The Bare Essentials kit contains organic Yes lubricant, fair-trade French Letter condoms and tickling feather in Koibito drawstring bag.

These are high quality romantic gifts at the cutting-edge of minibar amenities.

Think massage oils, origami love games, silk blindfolds, playful knickers, maybe a sex toy, nothing too crazy (unless you ask), all wrapped up in signature Koibito packaging. A love kit is for couples wanting to enhance their alone time, made to inspire the perfect wild night in a safe and seductive environment - a retreat from the real world into a reverie of luxury. Very chic, with a playful, kinky twist, this is romantic, weekend-escape kind of fun. Our products are thoughtfully made, in England where possible, with superior ingredients and fabrics.