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women reading books by a window with coffee, at a bookshelf in a library, and curled up in a blanket in a room with fairy lights

Return of the Romance Novel | Romantic Book Club

It will, of course, come as no surprise that we are a bunch of hopeless romantics at The Romantic Tourist offices, and we are avid readers of the Romance genre, relishing any opportunity to be swept off our feet in a good love story - and as the seasons

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Badrutt's Palace in St. Moritz

A Winter's Day at Badrutt's Palace | St. Moritz

Step into Badrutt’s Palace and lose yourself in a winter wonderland. The sensational ski resort of St. Moritz is known for a attracting a glamorous and sophisticated crowd, and now it’s your turn to become a part of its luxurious champagne lifestyle. Set in the heart of the Swiss Alps,

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The view of Lake St. Moritz from Badrutt's Palace in the Swiss Alps.

A Summer’s Day at Badrutt’s Palace | St. Moritz

St. Moritz may be known for its spectacular snowy climate and its glamorous ski resorts for the international jet set, but its summer months offer an equally unforgettable stay. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, St. Moritz blossoms with flora and fauna decorating the picturesque rolling landscape, and

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Review of Cotswold House Hotel & Spa, the accommodation includes the sophisticated Junior Suite.

Romantic Review | Cotswold House Hotel and Spa

Set in the idyllic Gloucestershire village of Chipping Campden, Cotswold House Hotel & Spa ticks an impressive number of boxes on the RT scorecard of ‘Romantic Hotel Must-Haves’. From its globally celebrated rural location, top in-room features, intimate spa, decadent dining and extravagant wedding services – this is

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Four Images | Young couple | Dressed up as if they were in their 50's, 70s, 90s, Love Through the Decades

Love through the Decades

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re feeling all schmaltzy at The Romantic Tourist offices.

Imagine getting a snapshot of how you and your partner might look over the decades, from your wedding day to becoming parents and then grandparents; celebrating wedding anniversaries until you’re old fogies with wrinkles, white hair…

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