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Horses lakeside | Horseback tour through Tuscany

A Love Affair with Tuscany on Horseback | Featuring Agriturismo Rendola Riding

A few special places in the world have a romantic offering so outstanding they sing romance from their soul: Tuscany, with its spectacular rural landscapes, awesome art cities and exceptional food and wine, is one such destination.

Rural Tuscany

Rural Tuscany is a provocative pastoral display of curvaceous, undulating…

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UK Beach Weddings in the Isles of Scilly | Featuring Karma St. Martin’s

UK Beach Weddings in the Isles of Scilly | Featuring Karma St. Martin’s

The UK may not be an obvious destination for beach weddings but from Cornwall to the Outer Hebrides the UK has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Discover the Isles of Scilly

High on the list of the UK’s best beach destinations, the Isles of Scilly…

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4 images of an aerial view of an island in the Maldives, an atmospheric romantic photograph of a woman holding hands with a man at the Taj Mahal, a black and white engagement photograph of a couple getting engaged at the Eiffel Tower, a man and woman romantic couple at the Northern Lights | The 7 Romantic Wonders of the World | The Romantic Tourist

The 7 Romantic Wonders of the World

Celebrating a collection of impressive man-made structures throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World include famous monuments such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Inspired by the Greeks, like so many others, we have followed in their footsteps to collate our own 7 Romantic Wonders of

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women reading books by a window with coffee, at a bookshelf in a library, and curled up in a blanket in a room with fairy lights

Return of the Romance Novel | Romantic Book Club

It will, of course, come as no surprise that we are a bunch of hopeless romantics at The Romantic Tourist offices, and we are avid readers of the Romance genre, relishing any opportunity to be swept off our feet in a good love story - and as the seasons

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Abbey and Eddie Channel 4 First Dates Series 7  Episode 2 and 3

Abbey from First Dates talks Boat Building, Finding Love & What Really Happened with Eddie | Romantic Interview

Abbey won over the nation's hearts with the return of Channel 4's First Dates, as the 'tomboy' boat builder who was completely out of her comfort zone in the formal restaurant. Confiding in waitress Cici, 'I feel like a bit of a knob in a sparkly dress' when

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