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Valentine’s Day 2018 is just around the corner.

Shops are ablaze with scarlet and fuchsia…the mail companies are taking on extra staff…and the jewellers, florists and romantic gift retailers are enjoying one of their busiest times of the year.

Because between now until the 14th February, the lead up to Valentine’s Day is a seductive frenzy of all things romantic and being in love…The perfect red-rose-tinted antidote to the January blues.

Love it or hate it – Valentine’s is getting bigger and bigger each year.

More than £3 billion will be spent celebrating Valentine's 2018 - in the UK alone.

And whilst we all know: ‘The best things in life are free’ and ‘Money can’t buy you love’… We also know skimping on pressies at Valentine’s does not a happy partner make (according to one survey 50% of US women went as far to say they’d end their relationship if their partner didn’t get them a gift for Valentine’s).

Being a Valentine’s scrooge just isn’t cool!

So, get stuck in and make 2018 your greatest Valentine’s ever…

How to make Valentine’s 2018 your best Valentine’s EVER?

Being ‘romantic’ is a tricky business. Especially at Valentine’s - when the gaping black hole of romantic cliché seems near impossible to sidestep.

And breathe…

The golden rule of being romantic at Valentine’s is simple: It’s only a cliché if it’s insincere.

Send a card. More than 25 million Valentine's cards will be sent in the UK this year and more than 1 billion cards will be sent worldwide. Romantic, naughty or anonymous…sending a card is the number one ‘must-do’ thing for Valentines. And always write something personal inside. (Remember: it’s never a cliché if it’s sincere)

Get a gift. Every year in the UK men spend twice as much as women celebrating Valentine's Day. Lucky ladies – (although as you’ll see a little further down there may be alteria motives at play here).  And when it comes to Valentine’s gifts -  most men choose flowers and women most often give chocolates. Both great choices – because who doesn’t love flowers or chocolate? And if you'd like some more inspiration see our gift guides to: What Men Really Want & What Women Really Want.

Book a romantic break or holiday. And if you want to make Valentine’s 2018 really special…and we didn’t make this up…the number 1 gift women really want for Valentine’s is a romantic break or holiday. Which leaves you with just one question – where to go?

Top Valentine’s Break Destinations

Where should you go for your Valentine’s break? Well, first you will need to think about the basics - When you want to go? How long for? How far you want to travel? And how much you want to spend?

·     Going away for Valentine’s night itself? Valentine’s 2018 falls on a Wednesday – so if work or childcare commitments limit the time you can get away, look for a romantic break in the UK and stay local. But if you’re free to travel a little further, then a Valentine’s break in Europe is an unforgettable way to celebrate with Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria all hot destinations for Valentine’s 2018.

·     Can’t get away on the 14th February? Many hotels extend or arrange their Valentine’s packages so couples can celebrate at the weekend – or even throughout the month of February. Check the T’s & C’s, or if you've found your perfect Valentine's package and can't make it on the dates it's available - simply get in touch with the host and ask what they can do via our direct messaging service.

·     Looking for something extra-special? If you’re thinking of proposing this Valentine’s, or perhaps it’s your wedding anniversary, or you’re lucky enough to have the time and budget to celebrate Valentine’s with a longer holiday – then Bali, Thailand, South Africa and Mexico are just some of the romantic destinations we highly recommend.

And if you want to book a Valentine’s break that shows your special someone just how much you cherish their uniqueness, see Our Guide to Choosing a Romantic Destination and find the perfect place to go to match your partner's individual passions and interests.

Should I propose on Valentines?

Well, with 10% of all marriage proposals happening on Valentine's Day each year -  the answer for many is clearly yes.

But with almost 90% women saying they would prefer to be proposed to on another day of year…it is hugely important that potential Valentine's proposers avoid the pitfalls of cliché and the thud of the banal.

Here’s some advice on how to make a Valentine's proposal entirely personal by asking that special question in your own unique and deeply romantic way: Be Personal, Keep it contemporary, Be generous, Be Spontaneous.

How to have your sexiest Valentine’s ever

25% of men say their primary reason for celebrating Valentine's Day is sex...but 29% think it's an opportunity to show their partner how much they care.

And we think you should have your Valentine’s cake and eat it.

Today, a Valentine’s break devoted to pleasure is the proud pursuit of passionate couples. ‘The Dirty Weekend’ no longer deserves the connotations of illicit affairs and sordid salaciousness, and there is also no rivalry between romance and passion - it’s not a case of rose petals scattered delicately on the bed versus cocktails and sex on the balcony. The ‘New Dirty Weekend’ is for couples who are in love – and love making love.

In 2018, ‘sexy’ is about sophistication and luxury. It’s about extravagance and decadence and creating the perfect environment for succumbing to seduction, and our Passion Thriller partners understand that pleasure is personal. Perhaps you simply want sultry surroundings; a sheepskin rug in front of a log fire or sensual couples’ massages. Maybe you desire a balcony with a Jaccuzi for al fresco adventures, or even a feature bed to act as your stage as you play your parts perfectly into the mirrored wall that allows you to be each other’s audience. Discrete services are on offer for intimate additions, and our Passion Thriller hotel packages can include naughty accessories, as you desire, that will leave the Do Not Disturb sign permanently nailed to your door. Shhhh…

How to plan a surprise Valentine's getaway

When it comes to romantic breaks and holidays, no one loves anything more than a surprise getaway...

But if you’re going to surprise your Valentine with a romantic trip away you’ll need to do some planning to get it right.

Check your partner’s calendar, make sure your passports are both in date, book somewhere you both want to go -  and try not to give the game away.

What to do if you’ve left booking your Valentine’s break too late

And if you're panicking because you've left finding your perfect Valentine's break right to the very last minute?

Fear not because there is still plenty of time make this Valentine's Day special. Like the best nights out and the wildest impromptu house parties, last minute Valentine’s Day celebrations can be the very best ones.

Sometimes it’s a great idea to be spontaneous! This is about going beyond just the usual card, flowers, chocolates routine. It’s your race-against-time chance to seize the true spirit of Valentine’s Day - courage, passion and love.

Not for the faint-hearted, this idea requires two things – passports and a true sense of adventure.

Pack a weekend bag for yourself and your Valentine, call a cab and go to the airport. Get on the first flight that takes your fancy. Corfu, Oporto, Seville, Vancouver, New York or Milan – your Valentine’s excursion is limited only by your desire to grab the here and now, live in the moment and create thrilling memories together!

Or you could just surprise your partner with a romantic break booked for later this year.

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Happy Valentine's Everyone xxx